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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Sometimes she looked at herself in the mirror,
Wondering if she has changed and how far have she been to,
Then she saw the same person she saw years ago,
The same girl who was trying to grow stronger,
But she had always been the same since before time,
Maybe she should stop pretending,
Maybe she shouldn't put on the mask,
To hide her fears and tears that no one believed ever dropped.

Sometimes she'll fall, and she'll get up recklessly,
But she never feels ashamed that she's been hurt,
If there's one word to describe her,
She's a fighter in her own term,
But no one ever seen her behind the closed door,
The enemies are not some other people,
Her fears were not the exams in the hall,
But she feared that she was not strong enough.

Sometimes she cried, but she'll never show it to anyone,
Sometimes she knew that she wasn't that good,
But she'll try to put on her best anyway,
Sometimes she met a guy that she liked so much,
But she'll never tell him or even let him know,
Fearing that he will fool her around,
Or she wasn't good enough for him,
But underneath it all, she wished that he'll know.

Sunday, February 15, 2004
Letting It Go

I'm letting you go, I have to tell you it's real,
Does it matter if it's painful,
Cuz I can feel it too.

Don't know, if it's gonna be effective,
Can't think, does it matter if you show?
You lie to me, you kept thinking I'm a fool...

You tried to keep me in your sleeve,
Tried to knock me off from track,
I can't stop but thinking; What am I to you?

Does it tear you apart?
Did I show you that I'm not...
Not a fool.

You can try to tear me apart,
You can think that I'm not smart enough,
But if you try to prey, I'm afraid, I'm already out of your way.

Spaces In Between

Sometimes I think back in time,
And start to wonder if it was real,
In my past there was a space for you,
But it had all melt down to nothing,
Infinitely, spaces in between us increase,
I don't think I know you anymore,
Like I had never known you at all.

Sometimes I wonder on my own,
Do you ever think or give a look at it all,
Somehow, I feel like I'm on my own,
In this places that we had been to,
It's consuming all my energy,
I can't see it all in your eyes,
Now I know there's really nothing left.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Take a walk down the stairs,
Feeling like I'm almost disappearing,
Overworking in this environment,
Moments would just turn into dusts.

It had been the same everyday,
I'll take a bus to the subway,
Take a train twenty miles to the north,
And watch the sun rising from behind the mountain.

Everywhere I walk to,
People seemed as tense as I am,
Black suits and suitcases,
It all fit into the monochrome fashion.

If only I could walk out of here,
Find another job to feed myself,
But until that day arrives at my face,
My life will still be grey in colour.

It's Too Late To Call

"Did you get my message?" you wrote to me,
I could hear you say, "I'm so sorry,"
"I never meant to hurt you," That was what you said,
"Please forgive me..."

Remember how it was for both of us?
Did you remember that we dated at the restaurant?
No, of course you don't remember,
Cuz I didn't even see you there.

You said, "Please give me another chance,"
I didn't know how many times you've said that,
If you couldn't spare sometime to think about me,
Why was I even so important to you?

There's no way I'll get stuck in this relationship,
If you just want to keep me,
If you think that I'll always be there in time,
Baby, maybe I'm not good enough for you.