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Sunday, February 08, 2004
100 Things About Me

1. Prone to allergies.
2. Dislikes eating most fruits.
3. Vitamin C-deficient.
4. Takes my vitamin C pills regularly.
5. Sensitive to weather change.
6. Dislikes getting flu or sore-throat, dislikes getting sick.
7. Prone to acute headache.
8. Cracks my knuckles.
9. Tends to stretch and bend myself when I'm in stress.
10. Fidgets when uncomfortable.
11. Doesn't like going to the cinema because of some annoying cinema-goers who distracted people by talking so loudly or let their cell phone(s) rings.
12. Likes to watch movies in a small group.
13. Can't cry in front of others.
14. Wears a ring on my right-hand ring finger.
15. Prefers silver or white gold (platinum) than yellow gold or diamond.
16. Does not know the price of diamonds or any other stones.
17. Favourite colours are some shades of blue, and beige.
18. Used to like pink, grey and orange colour.
19. Favourite soap opera are the Armed Reaction I,II & III.
20. Likes to watch CSI.
21. Doesn't really like any boyband.
22. Sings like I feel everything ;P
23. Doesn't drink beer.
24. Doesn't really like most red wines.
25. Prefers Martinis than red wines.
26. Doesn't like getting drunk, so I drink less than most people.
27. Likes sleeping on my own bed.
28. Not a big fan of hotel or resorts.
29. Likes most people I meet.
30. Likes myself though I'm usually not satisfied with myself.
31. Collects boomerangs.
32. Likes to draw when I'm in the mood.
33. Has no passion or patience for colouring or painting.
34. Likes ballet.
35. Likes to spin.
36. Doesn't like eating at a crowded place.
37. Prefers home-cooked meals.
38. Had my ears pierced when I had my parents permission, at the age of 13.
39. Likes to solve problems, though I'm not always good at it.
40. Doesn't sleep in pajamas.
41. Wears clothes into bed.
42. Thinks that "When Harry Met Sally" (1989) was the most romantic movie ever.
43. Never watched the movie "When Harry Met Sally".
44. Read the script for "When Harry Met Sally".
45. Rarely takes photographs.
46. First crush when I was 9 years old, on my classmate, K.
47. K liked my then best friend.
48. I don't like K anymore.
49. Second crush was a guy named Aaron, when I was 10. I never knew him.
50. Third crush was on a friend a year my junior. Liked him for at least 6 years.
51. Never told him that I liked him. He asked, I never admitted.
52. Probably haven't seen him since the year 2001.
53. Prefers a clean-cut guy.
54. Likes psychology studies.
55. Likes law studies.
56. Likes computer programming.
57. Likes designing and building systems.
58. Dislike routine.
59. Doesn't really like literature.
60. Likes designing clothes.
61. Likes to play tennis.
62. Wears 2.5 inch heels.
63. Doesn't really like to study at night.
64. Can't play hockey, afraid of the hockey stick.
65. Can't ride on a bicycle, had a terrifying history with bicycle.
66. Appreciate contemporary music with classical backgrounds.
67. Doesn't like places that are too crowded.
68. Can't dive cuz I'm afraid of height.
69. Can't really swim.
70. Not good at sports.
71. Doesn't really like drinking carbonated drinks.
72. Prefers Coke than Pepsi.
73. Doesn't like to feel hungry.
74. Rarely skip my meals.
75. Can be quiet sometimes but that doesn't mean that I'm bored.
76. When I'm quiet, it means that I have problems or I'm recharging myself.
77. Doesn't like a high-class guys.
78. Gets annoyed by high-maintenance guys.
79. Prefers sporty guys than guys who don't do sports.
80. Gets annoyed when people talk too much about their working experience.
81. Doesn't really like my past.
82. Doesn't mind if people found out about the embarrassing things in my past. Those are history, anyway.
83. My family is important to me.
84. If I win a million dollar in lottery, I won't remember what I wanted to buy.
85. I probably won't win a million dollar in lottery because I haven't buy any.
86. Even if I buy them, I'll stop buying them after a while. I can't wait that long to win anything, lol.
87. Most dangerous non-accidental stunt I've ever done is the Tarzan swing back in the year 1999.
88. I was super grateful to this day and forever that I landed on my back and not my face.
89. Likes music and songs by Jay Chou (Zhou Jie Lun).
90. Wanted to learn to play piano someday.
91. Wanted to learn to dance ballet.
92. Main objective in life is to be really good at what I really like to do.
93. Would not do something that I don't like or don't believe in.
94. Doesn't like to argue about religion or ethnicity.
95. Doesn't really like politics.
96. Doesn't think that I will ever be a good politician.
97. Prefers oriental foods.
98. Likes to watch sitcoms and cartoons.
99. Stubborn.
100. Laughs like crazy when I watch sitcoms, comedies or cartoons on TV.
Basic Profile

Full name
Francisca Etheldreda-Estelle Chong Siew Ching

Chinese Name (pinyin)
Zhang Xiu Qing

Date of Birth
13 November 1983

Place of birth


Blood Type

Student & part-time job


Dark brown

5’2” (without shoes)
5’4.5” (with shoes)


Chinese Hakka

Former Schools
SRB Catholic English
SMB St. Teresa, Kuching