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The Almost-Permenant Stuffs

NameFrancisca Chong
Birth dateNovember 13th, 1983
Place of BirthKuching, Sarawak
EthnicityAsian (Chinese)
EyesDark brown
Blood TypeAB+
Height5'2" or 5'3"

The Other Stuffs

LovesMusic, writing, web-designing, blogging, computer programming, kind people, learning new things, reading, my life, me, family, friends, Stacie Orrico & Avril's music, some of Sheryl Crow's songs, drawing cartoons, chocolate bars, watching horror movies, comedies, Drew Barrymore's roles, Computer Science, graphic designing, solving problems, learn to solve problems, walking, laughing, friendly, honest & hardworking people, computer, Internet, cartoons, my job, the air, mineral water, etc.
Dislikesmovies/Films that I dislike, too much of anything, original snobs, cactus (ouch!), people who mind about everyone's business...I don't remember the rest.
Occupationfull-time student/part-time graphic designer
MajoringInfo Tech
MinoringWeird Studies (haha, no, just kidding)
Five words to describe me + a noteBig head and small brain (haha)

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