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Thursday, October 14, 2004
My Dark Thoughts
I came a long way from where I came from,
You met me in the middle of the road,
And you think you know me,
Where did the idea came from,
My innocence and my guilts,
You must be a psychologist that never graduated.

All you ever talk to me was my analysis,
Even when we're talking over coffee,
You don't hide your brainny thoughts,
Well, I'm not a fan of your perception,
You don't think I'm simple-minded,
Well, who isn't complicated if they need to survive?

Here is my dark thoughts for you to do your math,
Am I weak if I can't be too strong all the time,
My emotions might flow in a mess,
And if you don't mind, sometimes I said silly things,
I'm not a genius or am even trying to be one,
But I'm just someone who's trying to find her way.

Sunday, April 25, 2004
Why Haven't We Met?
You came by one morning,
And we had a chat over coffee at ten,
It's strange but we had an instant connection,
Jokes and laughter came naturally,
I wondered why haven't we met before,
Why haven't I noticed you before.

Monday, April 05, 2004
.: Fear
Fake smiles everywhere I go,
Plastic faces mirroring each other,
In the street where there's no originality,
Facing each other in the sidewalk,
Shoulder to shoulder as they walk pass,
No friendliness in a city full of competitions.

Trains were speeding off,
Black suits with ties in place,
Neat appearance but minds were cluttered,
Have they lost their way in this world,
Or have they found their dream in it,
Wondering if looking tough is a vulnerability.

Inside there were hearts that were bleeding in pain,
Outside, they were walking in a straight line,
Like their direction was predetermined,
Fewer of them even think with their minds,
Less than enough were feeling with their hearts,
In a world where fears were stamped on their foreheads.

.: Don't Give Up
Don't cry, don't feel bad,
It's just a temporary thing,
That tests your inner strength,
You can try to look into the mirror,
Smile at yourself now,
Just don't give up hope yet,
You'll be better than before,
We're all human beings,
And feeling bad means you're normal,
Don't give in to negativity,
Look at the bright side now,
Just keep on breathing,
And the bad days will soon be over.

Sunday, April 04, 2004
.: What's the hurry?
All my friends just found their ones,
And all of a sudden I had to think about it,
Some tried to get me a boyfriend,
Some tried to make fun out of everything,
But I don't feel like I desperately needed anyone,
And I'm not in a hurry because the last didn't lose.

This is a game that some played,
I didn't want nothing but the first on my list,
But I haven't found him as for now,
And no one can push me anywhere,
Cuz I don't need a boyfriend,
I needed someone I love.

And I'll wait till I found that someone,
Who loves me back just as much as I did,
But the door is not open nor locked,
The eyes are all watching,
My defenses is running low,
I can't help but trying to figure it out.

Francisca/Female/16-20. Lives in Malaysia/Sarawak/Kuching, speaks Chinese and English. Eye color is brown. I am freakish. I am also optimistic. My interests are music/doing something new.
This is my blogchalk:
Malaysia, Sarawak, Kuching, Chinese, English, Francisca, Female, 16-20, music, doing something new.


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